Nexusflow Unveils Open Supply Generative AI Mannequin – HPC Information Evaluation

Nexusflow Unveils Open Supply Generative AI Mannequin – HPC Information Evaluation

Palo Alto, California – December 5, 2023 Nexusflow, a generative AI firm concentrating on the cybersecurity business, as we speak introduced the launch of NexusRaven-V2, a 13 billion-parameter open supply AI mannequin that gives operate invocation – which means it might probably perceive human directions and translate directions right into a operate/interface. Utility programming requires using software program instruments.

The power to name capabilities lies on the core of the OpenAI Assistants API and permits copilots and brokers to make use of the software program instruments. With directions tuned from the CodeLlama-13B mannequin, NexusRaven-V2 achieves a 7 p.c greater tooling success fee than the newest OpenAI GPT-4 mannequin on frequent human-curated software program tooling benchmarks, based on Nexusflow.

Nexusflow’s information processing pipeline combines open datasets and Meta’s Llama ecosystem to curate high-quality massive information, which is used to coach NexusRaven-V2. Knowledge curation and coaching on NexusRaven-V2 doesn’t contain any particular MBA like OpenAI’s GPT-4, which permits enterprise clients to totally personal the mannequin used to construct their co-pilots and brokers. That is particularly essential for enterprise functions that require up-to-date info, high quality, safety, and in-depth area customization. With its superior high quality, NexusRaven-V2 has the potential to revolutionize workflow automation on complicated software program with a a lot smaller mannequin measurement and better decision.

“NexusRaven-V2 outperforms OpenAI’s GPT-4 mannequin in software program tooling,” mentioned Jiantao Jiao, CEO and co-founder of Nexusflow. “This validates Nexusflow’s technical skill to ship enterprise options utilizing open supply fashions.”

NexusRaven-V2 demonstrates Nexusflow’s dedication to constructing environment friendly and dependable generative AI options that give clients full possession of the fashions and full management of the information. significantly:

  • Nexusflow clients can personal their very own cutting-edge AI mannequin with out the information dangers related to proprietary mannequin distributors.
  • Nexusflow clients take pleasure in superior generative AI high quality, reliability, value discount, and security with full, trendy customization. That is in comparison with options constructed on APIs of proprietary mannequin distributors, that are characterised by sudden high quality degradation and data lag.

Nexusflow is dedicated to thought management in enterprise generative AI options and absolutely opens its mannequin merchandise to the neighborhood to advance enterprise adoption of generative AI utilizing open supply fashions.

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